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Asset Management Do's and Don'ts

Asset management is all about having a clear idea of your goals, the scope under which you are allowed to operate, and how recent sources can help you get the facts.

1. Understand not just your goals for conducting research, but also the scope under which you are allowed to operate. While asset management is about building up an inventory of what is there to begin with, it also means showing what is there in an objective way. The objectivity in inventory is also important for it will be a good basis of facts only if it is not selective in nature.

2. The recent sources will tell you the present state. This is the very first thing that you have to inspect and incorporate in your research.

3. Pair the findings of the past with the present situation and know its implications for your overall efficiency as a researcher.

4. Researching for asset management is also about giving the initial directions under which effective asset management may thrive.

5. Changes may still be introduced. A new event may actually challenge your assessments or assumptions on which your conclusions rely on. While there is a limit to editing research works, you may have to design your research in such a way that

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