"Ford government adds financial literacy to Ontario curriculum"

"Ontario’s Ford government is about to add financial literacy as part of its new Grade 10 careers class, which will include how to budget and handle their first year after high school, The Canadian Press has reported.Stephen Leece, Ontario’s new education minister, recently presented the new curriculum at York University in Toronto.

The revised course will put primacy on “monetizable skill” and give students advice on where new jobs are emerging and which job markets are growing, such as those in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), Leece has said. “With an emphasis on STEM, financial literacy, and transferable skills, we are better aligning our curriculum with the labour market, to ensure our young people can optimize their skills and get access to good-paying jobs.”

As City News reports, “A document laying out the curriculum expectations says students will be asked to develop a budget for their first year after graduation and compare different forms of borrowing to pay for any post-secondary education they plan to seek, such as provincial student loans.”Additionally, part of the new curriculum will focus on the potential financial and career consequences of what they say or do on social media and how to proactively protect their privacy.“Our mission is to ensure that our young people are better prepared to transition from the journey of learning seamlessly into the workforce,” Lecce stated."

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