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Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite

Mr Piggleworth’s Adventures with Responsa-Billy-Bee by Nicole Cadwallader is an educational book for children which will help a child’s learning level by introducing, guiding, and helping them recall their skills. This workbook is a good learning experience as it teaches children new things and gives them useful information. Whether solving a maze or adding up a total or other educational stuff, the book is designed in a manner to make it appealing to children and make learning fun. Some of the exercises are fun, some challenging, and some interactive. On the whole, this is a book that will help a child grow and hone their thinking skills.

All the exercises in the book are educational and they teach something interesting to readers. It is an excellent book for interactive sessions in classrooms and school libraries. Parents can also use it for bedtime story-telling sessions as it makes learning fun and easy. The exercises will make children think and become more observant of their surroundings. The book will teach readers about coin sorting and matching, how to earn money, and what can be done with the money earned.

Books like this are good to have in one’s personal collection as they teach young readers new things and make learning easy and encouraging. The illustrations make the concepts clear and easy for young readers and children will gain confidence to handle money once they read this book.

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