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Off the wall money talk

When you hear the word ‘money’, the song by Pink Floyd resonates within you, where they sang about achieving the best that they could be and being thankful for what you have earned.

Unfortunately, in 2016, a terrifying culture of music has emerged where flaunting, wasting, throwing money around. Not to mention Fergie’s catchy song that sexualize money that older women have obtained.

When Canadian adults learn about the fundaments of finance in a way that is easily understood for every learning level, educational and can aid them in bonding with their children, pupils, grandchildren or nieces and nephews. Not only would this series help boost the adults confidence, the books will also help the child learn financial literacy on their own time through inactive activities. Mr. Pigglesworth is a series of four books that grow with your child from ages 0 to 12. Children and their parents will follow Mr. Pigglesworth, the money saving pig, through adventurous where the pig has to make decisions. These fun activities in the books keep kids interested and engaged in the material. This engagement builds their confidence not only with math but in school and life.

If you would like to know more information on giving your child ahead start in their education, please visit:


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