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“Mr. Pigglesworth is unique and innovative idea, I am glad to have witnessed this business at a nascent stage.

I read an interesting article where the world’s richest man, Mr. Warren Buffett, strongly emphasized on introducing financial literacy to children at an early age; this business seems like an answer to that need. It has a huge potential for success and dimensions to develop.

Centennial College

And thanks to Ms. Nicole Cadwallader for taking time out of her busy schedule to share best practice with us.

I wish all the success to Nicole in this venture.”

-Ashok Khatri, Customer


"I thoroughly enjoyed Nicole Cadwallader’s presentation on June 23, 2014.

It is encouraging to see one us conceive such a brilliant idea and act on it. I believe the business idea is excellent and is certainly something I would invest in as it has great potential.

I wish her all the best and thank her for motivating me to think outside of the box and dream big, as big things can happen.”

-Keisha Francis, Project Management Student and Customer

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