Mr. Pigglesworth™ & the WellWuzzies™

Nicole is committed to aiding people of all ages in their financial and mindful wellness journey. She is the author of seven interactive Mr. Pigglesworth book series, for ages 3-12 and up. Nicole has graduated with distinction- twice!

Welcome to Mr. Pigglesworth™ and the WellWuzzies™ – your wellness buddies. The WellWuzzies™ are five diverse characters who support parents in helping their children develop money, mindful and resiliency skills. In these workbooks, you and your child will find practical skills and tools to learn or further develop your mindful skills. Check out the "connect" section for more details!



Mr. Pigglesworth is the series of charming adventures of a money-saving pig and his family. Follow Mr. Pigglesworth throughout his seven books, and as he grows so will your child’s skills.


Nicole recommends these books for children ages 3 and up.  


It's never too early or too late to learn about Canadian money!