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Mr. Pigglesworth™

We are committed to aiding people of all ages in their financial and mindful wellness journey. There are seven interactive Mr. Pigglesworth workbook series, in the Store starting at ages 3-12 and up. 



In these seven interactive physical workbooks, you and your child will find practical skills and tools to learn or further develop your mindful skills. Check out the Blog section for more fun news!

Don't forget to check the Store regularly, as there is alway free or cheap digital downloadable worksheets for children and teenagers..... maybe even yourself.



When your children learn to manage their money, they develop positive money sense habits before becoming an income-earning adult. Preparing your child with the four different goals of money sense, (save, spend, donate and invest) can help prepare them to build a financially secure future.


Reaching financial goals at a younger age can start the great mindful money habits!


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